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라트비아 Smith 선교사님 가족 선교편지 The Smith's Snippets
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스미스 선교사님 가족으로 부터 소식과 기도제목이 도착했습니다.
첨부한 파일을 참고하십시오. 사진들을 보실 수 있습니다.

March Praises
• Successful MTW Prefield Training in Belgium
• Fruitful trip to Latvia & Lithuania
• Meaningful meeting with our team leaders, the Chaplins.
• Completion of training for cross-cultural ministry
• King's Chapel Missions conference with team members, the Tigretts.
• Prayer and financial supporters

March Prayer Requests
• Added prayer and financial supporters
• Abundant opportunities to share with individuals and churches
• MTW Distance-Learning Mentoring class
• Speaking engagements on April 19 and May 17
• A renter or buyer for our house
• Our family members

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