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18 April 2017 MYUNGSOO NEWS YFC Romania

Dear friends,
I pray and I hope you are all going well. I pray that each of you may be able to taste the blessings of God in the
hearts of your family, your church, your friends and your work.
During the New Year's Pass, from 28 December to 4 January 2017, with 15 young people and 3 adults from our
church in Harvest Arad, we went to a refugee camp in Greece on the island of LEDVOS, some kilometers from
Turkey . We went to help an organization that prepares and distributes meals for 3,000 peoples every day in 2
different camps. Several things have marked me, not only the very difficult living conditions. For me the hardest
part was to see all these people surviving from day to day without having any future prospects or so uncertain. For
the vast majority of them have lost their hope, "their dream" of receiving their paper to reside in Europe. 90% of the
people in these two refugee camps are from Pakistan and Afghanistan and they are waiting to be sent back to their
country. I had during these few days, a very good contact with a young Christian adult from Afghanistan. We had to
stand aside to speak, to share the word of God. Because in the camp, he was afraid because severals refugees
are Extremist Muslims. For the great majority of us, it is a blessing to be able to speak, share the Gospel without
fear for our physical integrity. I remembered that Joseph, Mary and Jesus, in their beginning of their family life, they
were a deported family in Egypt, fleeing persecution, the madness of a king.
During this winter my health was not very good. For weeks, I had stomach problems and allergy to the skin (which
I still have). Also, I have the two majors of each of my hands that hurt me since late August 2016. Bending and
extension are reduced as well as strength in my hands, these are the symptoms of hand arthritis. And 10 days ago,
I had an accident in Carting race with the young people of our church. I have 2 cracked ribs and a lot of pain. I
sleep seated because I don’t know lie down in my bed. Thank you for your prayers.
IMPORTANT - RUN4MISSION: On Saturday May 20th, YFC Belgium, YFC France and YFC Romania, organize a
sponsored race in Belgium to support the missionaries of these three missions. The participants will run for an hour
in an athletics stadium in Liège. More information can be found at https://run4mission.org/en/ or https://
run4mission.org/en/ or https://www.facebook.com/events/1015014391933480/
I will participate in this race. And I need your help.
- First, would you agree to sponsor me for this race. The sum is at your disposal. A big thank-you.
- Secondly, especially for those who live in Belgium, could you join me on that race, to run with me and others
participants and please could you look for sponsors to help our missionaries. A big thank-you. For those who have
difficulty running you can come encourage us. For the church in Belgium, I will contact you personally. For you
outside of Belgium, you can also run with your friends on this same date to also support our missionary work. I am
convinced that you have people around you who can sponsor you to support missionary work. A big thank you for
your understanding, effort and your fidelity to support me in the work of God.

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